Mozilla Persona login support in Koha

Now that bug 9587 has been pushed up into the master branch of the Koha git repository, I’m pleased to say you can use Mozilla Persona to log into a Koha public interface. It works by using the email address the borrower has set as their primary email to match a borrower to the user logged into Persona. Since applications like Drupal and Mahara also support Persona you can implement a simple single sign on solution with very minimal effort. But the main win is we allow borrowers to login without needing to remember yet another username and password.

5 thoughts on “Mozilla Persona login support in Koha”

  1. I’m actually happy it’s Persona, which is why I did it. Since the library can run its own persona server and even it’s own IDP if it wishes. I have no interest in openid, but im sure if someone wanted it enough they would write a patch.


  2. I actually think persona works really well, and is getting better all the time, so we’ll have to agree to disagree. It is also not like the feature forces anyone to use Persona, and you don’t even have to enable it.

    As a OpenID fan you could simply write some patches to implement that, then people could choose. 🙂


  3. I can only write some patches to implement OpenID if I’m paid to do so. As we’re currently paying off kohacon12, I’ve no budget to do other infrastructure work – this is the third time I think we’ve been in this position. At least this time it’s because we chose to do something positive and big!

    Anyway, I find it rather frustrating when the funding doesn’t go towards implementing best tech first, but I guess that’s the cat-herding nature of this at the moment. I’m hoping that the core work funding discussion that Magnus is leading will relieve this.


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