Koha turns 15

I’m not totally sure, but I think the 9th of September was when we first had a working DB connector going, the base of what would become Koha. Work started on September 6, but I think the 9th was when we first had some working code. So that would make it 15 years old today. Some useless facts:

  • Koha originally used PostgreSQL as it’s database
  • When it first went into production, every part of Koha was web based, apart from circulation, which used the CDK library.
  • 262 people have committed a patch (or patches) to the Koha code base
  • There have been 23567 commits (as of this morning)
  • The #koha irc channel has existed for 14 years
  • Koha did FRBR before that was a thing, and Koha was a platform before that was thing as well.
  • Koha has survived it’s own dirty politics scandal (non nzers can look that reference up). With Stephen Abrams (at the time Vice President of Innovation at SirsiDynix) writing a whitepaper about Open Source ILS spreading as much fear and confusion as possible. If you can’t beat them, lie about them … it’s the proprietary way.
  • I have 2181 commits to the code base of Koha

Feel free to chip in with any other facts you can think of.

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