Kohacon14 Day 1 – Translating the Koha Manual

Bernardo did a great presentation, with a really smart idea of speaking in Spanish but with slides in English, I wish I had thought of that and got our slides translated to Spanish .. next time maybe.

Bernardo has beeon investigating a lot of different tools to use for translating the manual, and he thinks the best option for us is Publican. The reasons are

  • It is DocBook based, which is what we use for the manual already
  • OpenSource (of course)
  • Used by many big projects

He also suggests we should split the manual into one file per chapter, with one corresponding .po file. This will make it much easier for offline translations or working in teams. He then went on to show us a proof of concept of this. It is looking really fantastic. Where to from here?

  • Migrate current one file to multiple files
  • Integrate with git and the translation server
  • Make it simple to replace images in the manual
  • Promote it!!!

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