Kohacon 14 Day 2 – MetaBiblioteca: implementando una red de Koha

Building a meta library network, integrating Koha in Latin America

This presentation was about the implementation of Koha in Colombia, presented remotely from Colombia. The presentation is licensed under CC-BY, big props to having the license statement up front.

What is Meta Biblioteca?

  • Formed as a project by a Colombian library and other library professionals
  • The aim was to investigate and provide solutions for all parts of information science, focussed mainly on Open Source systems
  • Started in academic community, changed into a commercial project
  • To offer services to libraries
  • Uses Koha, Scriblio, Zotero, dpasce, joomla etc
  • They believe in Free and Open source software, and know it is the best option for Libraries
  • They provide Open access to digital books

They are always looking forward to new ideas, and new systems to help their users. They have been working with Koha since 2006. In 2008 they created a website http://www.kohacolombia.org which was doctoral thesis. Since 2012 have been active members of the Koha Spanish list. Their aim now is to be more actively involved in the community to share their knowledge.

They offer these servives

  • Help libraries to implement Koha, have 30 projects working with Koha
  • Offer Koha hosting
  • Training
  • Offer technical support in Colombia, Panama, Honduras and Ecuador (for Koha)

They have done these things with Koha

  • Personalisation of the Koha installs
  • Written Spanish manuals they would like to share with the community
  • Integrating with financial systems

One of their Koha implementations is the National Police of Colombia, which has meant a lot of focus on security. As you can imagine, the police systems are under constant attack.

They are very interested in growing Koha in Latin America. They have seen an almost exponential growth in Koha use in Latin America. At the moment there are around 5 new libraries going into production with Koha in Latin America every month. There is a really good chart showing the number of installations, I will link the slides when I find the url.

One of the best quotes was “In Colombia we have Koha fever, all Universities want Koha”. Almost all institutionsare implementing Koha, and there are 6 companies offering Koha support in Colombia alone.  MetaBiblioteca want to not only implement Koha but create a network of Koha libraries in Latin America, so everyone can share and contribute. The aim is to create a Free (as in freedom) and open community, built on Koha.





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