Kohacon14 Day 3 – School Bibliotecology 2

Next we had  3 second year library science students presenting their work. I hope I summarised their talk accurately.

They mentioned it is still a work in process, and that they are presenting preliminary findings. Their project was on the uptake u of Koha in the Cordoba province. Researching the changes, and impact. They used a generic survey which they did either by email or in person. They surveyed 56 libraries, public, school, academic and specials.

Their results are still preliminary, but they shared what they have with us.

  • 13 libraries surveyed so far, 12 universities and 1 public
  • 92% of the libraries surveyed implemented Koha
  • Administration access, Advantages, price were 2 big reasons why they chose Koha
  • The advantages identified 76.92% support and maintenance, 25.08% otros, 7.68% ninguna

More than 90% of librariessurveyed are using Koha and all its modules.

More than 80% of the libraries, librarians have adminstration access

Libraries liked the efficiency in cataloguing, and the flexibilty. They also mentioned the usabiltity and that it is a friendly environment.

The project is still just beginning but there is much more information they can learn.

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