Kohacon14 Day 3 – School Bibliotecology 3

Next up 4 more students presented on their project.

They started by thanking all the teachers of the different subjects who helped them. In their studies they noticed some issues with the display of ISBD, MARC and normal display in the Koha OPAC.

They found some inconsistencies in the display so they wanted to document these problems so we as a project can be aware and work on the fixes of them.

Them main issues they noticed with display was for:

  • Uniform titles
  • Items with subordinate items
  • Principal author (s)

They showed some screenshots, demonstrating the issues they found. If the slides are online I will link them in when I find them. And if there are bugs filed I will link them in here also.

What is even better they proposed some solutions:

  • Add punctuation around subordinate entities
  • Redesign the display of the uniform titles
  • Display should be Title, responsibility, then uniform title



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