Kohacon14 Day 3 – School Bibliotecology 1

Next up we had a presentation from the school of Library Science,  from 4 first year students.

This was a definite highlight of the conference for me.

Quote of the day in Koha – Quotes from Authors

They talked about how they added quotes from local authors into Koha to help promote reading, using the Quote of the Day Koha function (developed by Chris Nighswonger). This helps to to recognize the local authors and promote the local culture. Literature from Cordoba is very vast and varied. So they selected both classic and contemporary authors, from famous and not so famous authors.

How did they do this?

They first looked at what books people had in their homes, then they searched the library catalogues. They chose the quotes but reading together and working as a group to decide which quotes they would use. They then put a file of all the quotes which you can download and use in Koha at http://www.puntobiblio.com

They then showed us a live demo in Koha of how to edit the quotes of the day. The project allowed them to build a team and to learn more about the local culture and special places. When they started they knew nothing about Koha, but they learnt fast.

It always makes me day when I see features that were developed to suit a single library’s needs being used by others.

One thought on “Kohacon14 Day 3 – School Bibliotecology 1”

  1. felecitaciones para todo el equipo que trabajaron muy duro por ser la primera presentacion de los alumnos de primer año de bibliotecologia. aplausos.


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