2014 and Koha – by the numbers

2014 was another big year for Koha, there are now 2847 libraries in Libwebcats listed as using Koha. That doesn’t include 1037 public libraries in Argentina, the 1106 public libraries in Turkey, and the multitude more in many other countries.

On top of the ever growing number of users, many more features were added, and bugs fixed, here are some statistics for the year:

  • There were 2225 commits to the master branch of the Koha codebase
  • The busiest month was May with 278 commits
  • 1570 Patch sets were signed off
  • 1299 Patch sets Passed QA
  • 673 Patch sets Failed QA (almost all were fixed and went on to pass in the end)
  • Katrin Fischer signed off on 47, and QAed 815
  • Jonathan Druart – was author of the year with 325 patches, he also signed off on 74 and QAed 336
  • 87 People had patches in Koha
  • There were 34 people who got their first patch in Koha this year


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