Tips from a really lazy dad – #3 Not giving a crap people are judging you for giving your kid a pie for breakfast

This morning we were running late for swimming, and to make it worse we forgot one of the swimming bags. So after turning round and going back home to get togs we had very little time to get breakfast. Then I realised I needed petrol, screw it, I thought, pies for everyone.
So that’s not the tip everyone knows pies are good, the tip is not caring about all the looks you get when your 5 year old is munching on a pie by the side of the pool while his brother swims. The old me would have been seething and barely holding back the desire to yell “What! You don’t know me man”. Now I’m happy to just let it wash over me. So that’s my tip, judgers be judging, ignore them and enjoy your pie.

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