Kohacon 15 – Day 1 – Welcome

The day started with a welcome from Adetunji Adepeju from Projectlink Konsult Limited, one of the organisers of the conference.

He made some great points using humour about the unjustified fear of kidnapping, and the other things that the western media report unfairly on.

He then talked about why do we have this Kohacon

  • Knowledge sharing
  • New developments in Koha
  • Networking/collaboration

He moved on to talk about Turkey and its usage of Koha, (which is really pretty impressive). It was a really inspirational talk, putting forward the case that we can do all this here in Africa too.

The talk covered how Nigeria got the conference this year, which is an interesting story in own rights (boo the Australia government refusing a transit visa). It also covered how it got organised, the troubles of finding sponsorship etc.

It then moved on to Free vs Freedom, and talking about funding. (Free software is not Free cost software)

He moved on to talking about learning, unlearning and relearning is the key to the success of libraries.

Takeaways from the conference

  • Learn new things
  • Network
  • Inter-library cooperation
  • Join Koha list
  • Bring the National library up to speed

How may Africa/Nigeria contribute to Koha

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Bugs and fixes
  • Offer to serve on projects
  • Translation
  • Help others solve issues


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