Kohacon15 day 2 round up

First up on day 2 was ‘A sysadmin look at Koha’. This talk covered common issues when setting up and maintaining Koha. As well as some issues that are harder to deal with, including lightning strikes frying motherboards, and unreliable power. It was a great talk with at lot of good information.

Next up was Brooke with a great talk titled “Can’t code? How you can still make Koha better”

Then there was a presentation of  a paper titled “User perceptions of the Koha ILS – Nigeria” it was really excellent, I will again link it when I have it. Here were the conclusions.

2015-10-20 11.30.27

After that was “Now you have Koha – What is next?

Again, a great talk, I’m gonna keep saying that, because they all were.

Then we toured the campus for the afternoon.

2015-10-20 13.58.31 2015-10-20 13.58.07 2015-10-20 13.57.28 2015-10-20 13.56.59

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