Kohacon16 Day 1 – New users, old problems? : Aristotle University Library staff’s satisfaction of Koha

Ionna Milotsi spoke to us about the satisfaction with Koha by the librarians at AUTh library.

Why Open Source?
  • Dissatisfaction with old systems
  • More control over development
  • Cost savings
  • Less dependence on vendors
  • More flexible
  • Ideology of the open movement – common values with libraries
Satisfaction with Koha

Serials and Acquisitions perform the worst in satisfaction with circulation and cataloguing performing the best. Overall it rates as good, or very good by the majority of users.

She presented a really great list of comments, which I will link to when they are placed online.

Desired improvements
  • Search result improvements
  • Speed
  • Search multiple locations
  • MARC Editor
  • Koha  offers enough functionality for them
  • Problems related to config
  • Difficulties from limited knowledge
  • Need more training
  • Need to repeat study, too soon to reach solid conclusions


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