Kohacon16 Day 1 – EBSCO Discovery Service Koha Plugin: New Features and Apps

Alvet Miranda was up next after lunch to talk about the EBSCO plugin for Koha.

2016-05-30 14.44.01
Intro to discovery with Koha

Alvet did a really nice introduction into what Discovery is, and showed the EDS results both in the EDS interface and in Koha

New features and updates
  • Enhanced subject precision – Allows you expand and narrow your search in a more precise way.
  • Did you mean spelling suggestions
  • Date slider and min/max date range
  • Multiple facet selection
  • Holdings management
  • Exact publication search
  • Research starters
  • Admin updates – Editor for the js
Extendibility using Apps
  • Google analytics integration for event tracking
  • Many more available, but I lost track, they are in Alvets slides.

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