Kohacon16 Day 1 – Let’s Encrypt Koha!

Mirko Tietgen was up next to talk about setting Koha up to use https by default using letsencrypt.

2016-05-30 17.01.09

Mirko had the unenviable task of first explaining encryption and why it was important, he did a great job of this. He then went on to explain Certificate Authorities and TLS. So why not just buy a Certificate? Expensive, do you trust the CA? How about self signed? Browsers throw up a big scary error and users panic, Hence letsencrypt.

Letsencrypt was started by Mozilla, EFF and University of Michigan, this went fully live 12 April 2016. And in the 16.05 release in May 2016 Koha uses letsencrypt.

koha-create –create-db –letsencrypt yourlibary

(It really is that simple)

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