Kohacon16 Day 1 – Migrating from WinISIS to Koha – a case study

Rocio Dressler from ByWater Solutions was up next talking about data migrations, specifically one of her hardest ones a WinISIS to Koha one.

2016-05-30 15.12.16

WinISIS exports .iso files, what is that? It turns out that MARCedit can convert .iso to MARC files. Unfortunately for Rocio the converted file was in something .. that looked like MARC .. but was none of the standards she’d seen.  So she had to map the tags to where they should be in MARC21. She ended up with a file that .iso fields on the left and MARC21 fields on the right.

In the migration toolbox there are some scripts to do Tag and Subfield analysis to find inconsistencies. But where now? MARCedit can set up a batched process, called task lists, that you can do a bunch of tasks to automate a process.

Of course once it is loaded into Koha you need the librarians to test the data and find any other inconsistencies.

This was Rocio’s first Kohacon presentation and she did a great job, the first of many I am sure.


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