Kohacon16 Day 2 – How a local Koha users association can promote and support Koha

Following in the same vein we had Sonia Bouis talking about the French users group Kohala.

2016-05-31 12.11.11

She talked about the history of the association, the initial aim was a place where users and developers could talk together. They chose an association so it had a legal standing in France.

Association now
  • 6 Board members
  • 45 institutions / 14 people
  • Paid membership
  • French speaking mailing list – 500 subscriptions and 50 new subscriptions/year
  • A website
  • Symposium : each year since 2010, for new and experienced users.
  • Translate Koha into French
  • Translate the documentation into French
  • 2 Presentation days, demo for non users and information about the new release for current users
  • Training, 2 sessions/year technical and functional training
  • Representation at library conferences
  • Funding, financing journeys for the hackfest
  • Promotion – Not only a user group but they want to promote Koha and support FOSS


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