Kohacon16 Day 2 – Koha Community Organisation

To start day 2 Paul Poulain and Jonathan Druart talked about the way the Koha community is organised.

Paul talked about that there are two different needs to balance

  • Want to fix a problem a problem
  • Want to do fun things
  • Want stable and usable applications
  • Care less about technical things as long as the software works
Importance of community

When you choose software, you choose its community and its way of doing things.

  1. Look for the features you want
  2. Then how is the community organised
  • Release manager
  • Release maintainers
  • QA Manager
  • QA Team
  • Documentation manager
  • Translation manager
  • Packaging manager
  • Bug wranglers
  • Wiki curators
  • Newsletter manager

We need tools

The ideal life of a bug

New bug -> Assigned -> Needs Signoff -> Signed off -> Passed QA -> Pushed to master -> Pushed to stable -> Resolved

But it might hit Failed QA, or Does not apply

2016-05-31 10.13.28

Workflow difficulties
  • Time – it can take time to get a patch in
  • Inactivity – we might not know it is important to you, or see it
  • Strong QA process
Whats next?
  • New Search engine
  • Clean code
  • Performance optimisation
  • Large libraries
  • Always better coordination
  • Always better long term view

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