Kohacon16 Day 2 – Migrating to Koha. University of Macedonia Library Experience

Up next was Filippos Kolovos from the University of Macedona talking about their Koha journey.

They shifted from Horizon 7.3.2, which altho useful it was getting old and obsolete. They needed new features and wanted to follow the Open Source policy of the Library, being able to customise the software as needed.


Reasons to move
  • Funding issues
  • Koha is as good as many other systems.

They had 3 partners involved in the migration, EliDOC, BibLibre and Aristotle University. Migrated 11,105 users, 97,795 biblio records 102,157 authority records.

They bumped into some issues

Data migration
  • Authority values
  • New duplicated authorities
  • Different name titles linked to the wrong biblio
  • Weird renewal issue that I have to investigate after this talk
  • The log grew t0o fast  – Cataloguing logging was on and a massive batch process was run each night
  • Every major migration has different challenges
  • Both for the software and the staff
  • Sometimes you hit unexpected issues also

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