Kohacon16 Day 2 – Koha and Books: the YBP Advantage

The last presentation of the day was by Ann-Marie Breaux from YBP (a division of EBSCO) talking about YBP and GOBI.

2016-05-31 16.31.16

YBP is a book seller and sells mostly English language books to libraries all around the world. Both print and digital books. In 2015 they purchased by EBSCO but still focus on ebooks (not journal or discovery).

GOBI is their online system, it is how librarians, teaching faculty or anyone who makes purchasing decisions interact with YBP.

GOBI and Koha integration.

2 ways of doing intergation

  1. Library places an order in GOBI, and the record is loaded into Koha
  2. Place orders in Koha and push to GOBI
Future Plans
  • GobiAPI: early 2017

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