Kohacon16 Day 2 – Koha Implementation projects: An Experience from Pakistan

Sher Afzal Khan from Bahria University in Pakistan was up next to talk about a Koha installation in Pakistan. He started by introducing us to Pakistan, before moving on to talk about Koha in Pakistan.

FOSS Adoption is still low in Pakistan but Koha is becoming very popular in libraries due to a live DVD with DSpace and Koha on it. There has also been a lot of work done in workshops and training which have increased librarians confidence.

Some of the installed Koha in Pakistan are

  1.  University of Malakand
  2. Bahria University Libraries
  3. Garrison Cadet College Koha
  4. Higher Education Commission
  5. The Islamia College University Peshawar
  6. Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services
  7. Sindh Madressatul Islam University
  8. Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering
  9. Lawrence College Murree
  10. Lahore High Court
  11. Agriculture University Peshawar

He went on to explain how they integrated Koha and RFID.

It was really great to hear about how much work is being done in Pakistan.

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