Kohacon16 Day 2 – Koha in FEMM-TH Library. An Open Source Integrated Library System experience

To finish this session was Galetsi Panagiota talking about Koha in their library.

2016-05-31 15.24.13

It is a museum library, the Folkllife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia and Thrace. They have permanent and temporary exhibitions (I want to visit this museum now). It is a small library with 8000 items, it is open to the public and has a reading room, but does not permit regular lending. The library is essential for researchers both within and without the museum.

The really like being able to store many photos, which makes it easier for researchers to be sure they have the item, before they visit the library.

Karakitsiou Chrisoula then took over to talk more about her role and impressions of Koha in FEMM-TH. It was a really interesting project they selected 3080 items and photographed all of them, front cover, back cover and table of contents page and added them to the catalogue.

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