Kohacon16 Day 3 – BIBFRAME: MARC replacement and much more!

Joy Nelson and Jesse Weaver did a great talk about Linked Data.

2016-06-01 10.14.26

Joy started off explaining what linked data and the semantic web is, which she did about the best of anyone of I have seen do it. Did you know there is a Tutu ontology? I didn’t either.

She covered triples and gave some really good examples that showed how they are acutally used.  She covered why we should use linked data.

  • Take advantage of standards
  • Make library data discoverable on the web
  • We need to be where the users are
  • De silo our data
  • MARC replacement

Challenges ahead

  • Transforming the data
  • Choice of URI
  • Long transition
  • Retraining in terminology

BIBFRAME is designed specifically for the GLAM sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums).

Jesse then took over to show the technical side of linked data. He started on what we can already do, with connecting our existing data to external data sources like VIAF and DBpedia.

Jesse was brave enough to do a live demo showing how we could pull in author information into a Koha details page.

It generated a lot of buzz and some good questions.

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