Kohacon16 Day 3 – Managing digital and physical collections: interfacing Coral and Koha

Paul Poulain was up next to talk about Koha and Coral and why/how we should link them.


2016-06-01 12.43.46

To handle electronic subscriptions in Koha we have 2 options, we can either add a module to Koha. Or we can find an existing FOSS project and integrate it. Coral is an existing FOSS one, so integrating is a good choice.

There are 4 modules in Coral

  • Vendors, aggregators etc
  • Define licenses
  • Enter licenses
  • Import/export licenses
Usage statistics

This is where you define your resources, linking them to organisations and licenses

Because Koha and Coral are both web resources there are a few ways we can link them together. They are aiming for middle of 2017 for it to be ready.

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