No I wont pay your “I’m too stupid to budget surcharge”

For crying out loud, Easter happens every year, if you are too useless to budget for it don’t try to make me pay for your stupidity.
Petrol isnt 15% more expensive, neither is milk .. so why the hell do cafe’s think they can jack the price up. Seriously I hate McDonalds but at least they can freaking budget and not have to slam a 15% surchage on every public holiday.

The car got found

Luckily after the claim had already been settled, because the dickheads who took it couldnt drive obviously and put a few dents in it.

They ripped the ignition out to get it started.

And stole the stereo

And the spare trye

We got the rest of the stuff out tonight, not the pram (stroller) or the baby mirror, cd’s and a few other things missing. But we got back some baby blankets, some clothes and some other bits and pieces. And now it’s States problem.

What kind of Arsehats steal a baby bib and baby mirror. The kind that need a bat to the face, that’s what kind. Blind arsehats too, they took Laurel’s glasses … durrr they won’t work for you.

Some bastard stole my car

Well we had an interesting yesterday. Sometime monday night, some wanker stole our car complete with the pram (stroller for the americans) in it. 33 years and this is the first thing I’ve had stolen, and it and its contents were all insured. So in the bigger scheme of things, its not that bad, but it was hugely annoying.

So whoever nicked it is obviously an utter arsehat. We have a 7 day standdown on the insurance, to see if its found, and then if not, well new car time.

Everyone who voted for this bill is an Arsehat

So today parliament passed a bill setting sept 1 2008 as the deadline for lodging historical Treaty claims. See the article on stuff until they remove it. Where did they get this date from you ask, .. well they pulled it out of their butts.

Lets see if I can follow their logic, lets breach the Treaty again by setting a date when people cant claim against Treaty breaches anymore. Dickheads.

In response to the ludicrous Warrior gene claim

Scientists don’t discover ‘coloniser’ gene

The elusive coloniser gene, which makes Europeans prone to taking over other people’s land and resources hasn’t been discovered. “Nobody’s even looking for it, we’re really not interested,” says Igor Blimey of the Centre for Research on Non-Whites. The gene may explain why Europeans display a tendency to use extreme violence to control other countries. “It’s true that there must be some genetic disposition in Europeans toward imperialism – packing troops into leaky sailing ships and sending the half-way around the worlds to steal other people’s land doesn’t make much sense when you’ve got plenty land of your own. Scientifically speaking, White people are a bunch of dangerous maniacs,” says Blimey.Dick ‘Chalky’ Miller of the group Honkies for Shonky Deals says the gene is a great excuse. “We can’t help ourselves, theft and murder is just part of our biology and we want that recognised in law. “The group is demanding Maori return the axes and blankets colonisers handed over in return for land. Police advise anyone owning land to keep it out of sight when people of European ethnicity are around.

SNAP! Publishing: Scientists don’t discover “coloniser” gene