Daylight savings

Well daylight savings started this morning, the bad news is we lost an hour,
the good news is, it means summer is on the way. Lets hope its less
miserable than the last one, and we get piles and piles of cricket. I dont
know if any of you have been watching ‘Frontier of Dreams’ on TV one. If you
haven’t my suggestion is dont bother, its pretty much a pile of drivel thus
far. One of my pet peeves was that Maori were consistently called
colonisers, and yet last night they often referred to Pakeha as ‘settlers’
… eh??? It was the other way around buddy. Unless the definition of
coloniser has changed in the last year or so.
Oh and another thing, now im not usually one to support an Act party member
in anything, but can anyone explain to me why Donna Awatere Huata got
sentenced to two years for stealing $80,000. And yet Michael Perry gets
months with leave to apply for home detention after helping to steal millions
Surely he should be getting at least 2 years also, or more as he was
convicted of money laundering also.
Lets see 2 ppl, convicted of stealing 80,000 … get 2 years a piece, so
thats what 1 year per 20,000. From stuff ‘Sixteen rental properties were
bought by Perry with fraudulent transactions of $243,245 in deposit funds
and $1,251,999 in mortgage funds.’. So lets say 1.5 million / 20,000 = 75,
so 75 years for him. Of course its not that simple, but surely its worth at
least 2 years .. oh and maybe some coverage in more than 1 paper in the

Spoilt for choices.

Well it seems as Maori, theres not a lot to choose from in the 2 major
parties. We can either be patronised, and stabbed in the back by Labour. Or
insulted and stabbed in the face by National. Welcome to New Zealand 2005, a
country which the majority of people seem to want to drag back into the 1850s.
Im disgusted by
race relation policies
and I’m at least as disgusted by Labour’s failure
to respond. A simple, “you are a bunch of ignorant twats” would have been
fine, but for crying out loud, grow some spine people. If you want NZ to
turn into a shithole that treats its indigenous people like Australia treats
the Aborigines, why cant you just fuck off to Australia and leave the rest of us here.

Shut your ‘mainstream’ face.

Im glad I dont have to come into contact with many of these so called
‘Mainstream New Zealanders’ National keeps blathering on about. They sound
like complete and utter arsehats. Combine a good mixture of prejudice, with
a dollop of bigotry, add some eurocentric assimilationist tendencies and
stir with a nice spoon of ignorance, and you’ll have the people who would be
attracted to National’s attitude. It’ll be interesting, we should be able to
tell after the election the exact proportion of the voting population who
are arsehats. Lets hope for the country’s sake its less than 50%.

Arsehat of the year

Goes to the wussy piece of shit who tortured and ended up killing a golden
retriever. And then went on to do the same to cats .. and who knows how many
other animals before that. What a hard man, torturing tame pets. Its for
people like that, that kneecapping was invented.
And as for the dumb policeman who ranked burglaries of a higher importance.
Do you really want someone who does this sort of thing wandering around? Its
just a matter of time till he graduates to humans.

Too easy again.

“Maoris have to move on, and forget about all this carry on, I mean
traditions.” Says the stupid probation officer, who cant pronounce the word
Maori, let alone Poroporoaki. What astounding arrogance .. what are we
living in 1830 still? Crusading white woman out to save us savages from our
savage ways. Go to hell you stupid bint.

Mainstream New Zealanders

This is just too easy really, Don Brash has managed to shoot himself in the
foot yet again. Defining both Maori and Homosexuals as not being mainstream,
when talking about how ‘Mainstream’ New Zealanders are getting a raw deal.

Just goes to show they really did mean it with the Iwi vs Kiwi billboards
they have. And what with Labour knee jerking and ripping out any policies
that mention Maori … its going to be a really long 3 years.

Anyone who uses the phrase Treaty Grievance Industry

Is today’s … no this years arsehat. Seriously, the next person that says
that in my hearing is going to get a right bollocking. How about the living
on stolen land industry? How about you stop the living on land you know was
stolen industry and Maori people will stop asking you for compensation for it.
And as for bro-rocracy, that seriously deserves a bat to the face.

When you win the US Open you are a New Zealander, if you rob a bank you are a Maori

So Michael Campbell won the US Open golf tournament today. And he has been
reported as a great
New Zealander now. Of course if he had done something wrong instead, he
would then be reported to be Maori.
Not to diminish from what is undoubtedly a great achievement, but its just
funny that in the climate of Iwi vs Kiwi billboards, no one is trying to
make that distinction this time.