The flag people are back

So on Saturday in Cuba St, we had amnesty international trying to garner
support to try and stop a stoning in Iran. Right next to them we have the
change the NZ flag people. Talk about a contrast, personally I wouldn’t have
the gall to stand next to amnesty international whining about flags.

I mean c’mon, NZ is still gonna be a piss ant little country no one cares
about no matter what our flag looks like.

If I hear “What about the children?” one more time

Im going to go completely mental. If you dont like something, just say “what
about the children?”. You cant argue against the children.
Dont like homosexuals, pull out the “What about the children?” card .. and
if you are a complete dickhead you can follow it up with im not homophobic.
Heres a perfect example, from the NZ Herald
‘Alan Duff said no one had asked the question “What about the children?”
during the civil union debate.

“It’s as simple as that. I’m not homophobic,” Mr Duff said.’

Don’t like mixed marriages, “What about the children, i’m not racist, its as
simple as that”.
Its a crock, its the argument stupid people pull out when they dont have any
points to make. You cant just pull out what about the children without
having some valid arguments to back up your implied point that children will
be worse off.

Anyway i’m not gonna let retards like Dick Hubbard and Alan Duff ruin my day.
Perhaps if I bump into them, ill give them a kick in the arse .. its for the
kids after all.

Lace up your boots, we’re going back to your roots.

Someone said the other day, that New Zealand was too mixed. That is people
of different cultures and races mingled and mixed together too freely. Now I
knew cracker baldhead wankers like the National Front and probably
reasonable chunks of the National party think this. But I was surprised that
someone who I thought had a modicum of intelligence would say it, expecting
us to agree. It actually makes me feel ill that someone would think, that I
would think something like that. I wrote a poem when I was at University, a
long time ago, when I was a young angry man. Its pretty stupid but it
expresses the sentiments I had when I heard the statement “NZ is too mixed”.
It goes like this

Life is short
And in the end you die
So find a racist asshole
And poke a stick in their eye

As if you’d ever win the seat anyway … you crackers!

From Scoop
“The caucus agrees with a decision by the Party board that National will
campaign only for the party vote in the Maori electorates. We will not be
standing candidates in those seats.” says Dr Brash.

“National has a policy to wind up the Maori seats. That was the intention of
Parliament in 1867 when they were first established. As a party, we are
determined to deliver a process that gives all New Zealanders equality in
our democracy.”

He’s right too, they were meant to be temporary. What he neglects to mention
are the main reasons they were established. In 1867 the Government decided to
act, they were running out of excuses as to why they were denying Maori the
right to vote. So what they did, was create special seats, now on a
population basis the same as Pakeha representation, Maori should have had 15
seats; they were lucky to get four. Trying to pretend the seats are about
special rights is downright dishonet. They were set up as a way to deny
Maori their full rights.
Theres no way National were gonna win one of the seats so its hardly going
to make any difference if they stand candidates or not. Its just another
chance for Brash to court the uneducated redneck cracker moron vote.

No you cant have the beaches, here have some cancer instead.

From the NZ herald today “The Cervical Cancer Audit released by the Ministry
of Health today said the programme was not reaching women and making sure
they were adequately screened.

It said Maori women were screened for cervical cancer less often than
non-Maori women and when abnormalities were found, they waited longer for
investigations such as biopsies.

Maori women were twice as likely to develop
cervical cancer and four times as likely to die from it than non-Maori
women, said auditor and Maori public health physician, Dr Sue Crengle.”.

Poxy little Islands in the Pacific

Well we are sure acting like it. Today was the third and final reading of
the Foreshore and Seabed legislation, amended after the select committee
process to put into Crown ownership of all the seabed and foreshore rich
pakeha dont already own.
So basic logic here “Logic 101 : Its THEFT mate” if the crown needed
legislation to get ownership, then it stands to reason they didnt legally
own it already. Under international law (and basic common sense) the
indigenous people must then have owned it. Therefore the crown has confiscated a
huge chunk of propery. This comes as no suprise, the crown has been doing
this for 164 years already.
Lots of NZers like to think we live in a clean green, progressive, liberal
place. Perhaps I should buy a pair of the rose tinted glasses they must be
wearing, cos frankly this place is turning into a craphole.

Mallard wins again.

Trevor Mallard, the minister of Education and Race Relations, and a
complete arsehat has today taken a big swipe at maori culture and values.

Mr Mallard also had issues with the way some immersion or bilingual units at
mainstream schools operated.

“In a small number of cases principals have not been able to supervise these
units effectively because they have been shut out of the classrooms because
they cannot speak Maori.

“This is unacceptable. Principals have to be able to exercise leadership
across the school.

Ive got a solution for you then, you moronic arsehat. How about the cracker
principals learn to speak Maori. After all it is an official language.
He also had this other gem “What ran through my mind was the number of
powhiri I attend at co-ed schools where female students . unlike at Sacred
Heart College . are relegated to a supporting role.”
Drivel, without
females a powhiri cant start and it cant end. I call that pretty damn crucial.

Trevor Mallard and all the rest of the redneck crackers, if you dont
like Maori culture and Maori values .. go live somewhere else.

Im on pretty safe ground here I think.

I’m pretty sure I can call Paul Holmes a bag of lardy arsehatness with no
worries as according to the BSA, it’s okay to call people bags of lard. In
fact if you are Paul Holmes you can pretty much insult whoever you want with
no fear of censure, or repurcussion.
According the NZ Herald today (itself a bastion of arsehatness)
‘An MP may be called a “confused bag of lard”, but women who attend rugby
league parties should not be referred to as “moles”, the Broadcasting
Standards Authority (BSA) has ruled.’

I wonder if i’m allowed to call Paul Holmes a confused bag of mole lard. I
hope so, because I just did.