Spammers Suck

One of the things ive noticed is that arsehats are filling my webserver access logs with
bogus referrers. That is seeding a whole lot of urls to sites by hittings
my website again and again with different referring urls. There are
obviously scripts out there to do this, and undoubtedly organisations that
sell you the service.
They arent that hard to spot yet, and even easier when they come from the
same ip, just punt that off to shorewall to blacklist. But its all a bit of

UPDATE 2004/09/05: Writing a script.

Ive decided to write a script that uses shorewall zones to blacklist these
spammers on the fly. Working on that now.

Owen Hughes is an Arsehat

Owen Hughes has been moaning because he thinks he could do better than Steve
Ferguson at the olympics. Russ
has a good rant
here that
tells you all about it. All I can say is there is a time and a place, this
is neither.

UPDATE 2004/08/26: NZ Canoeing hits back

NZ Canoeing have
hit back
at Owen Hughes and his little temper tanty. Remember Owen, no one likes
the kid who throws his toys in the corner.

I are a good student

So it turns out Cambridge High School had in place a completely crap “catch
up credits” programme. Which they admit had no educational merits at all.
But it did help them get the 100% pass rate. You can read the full article


Interesting bits are “The report said: “There was no formal policy,
rationale, or goals; there was no programme of learning; no trained teacher
was available; there was no formal process for identifying students for
achievement recovery; and quality assurance of the assessment was negligible.”

The report concluded that the school had to change its fundamental
philosophy from one of all students gaining NCEA, to one of students gaining
a meaningful qualification. ”
Meanwhile the arsehat principle is still trying to pretend that she didnt
really resign. What a gimp

Preemptive Arsehat Award

This is for Destiny Church, who already undoubtedly are arsehats. But
today they will seek to make themselves even more so.
Whats tomorrow? Tomorrow is when Destiny church are going to be marching to
Parliament with their “Enough is Enough” protest. Otherwise known as “we are
a bunch of homophobe bigots, who want to tell everyone how to live”
I think the National front morons might be marching as well, maybe they can
get together and have a bigot picnic. Its a pity they didnt march last
wednesday night, the wind might have blown them all into the sea and made
the world a much nicer place to live.

UPDATE 2004/08/23: 5000 Morons

Stuff is reporting around 5000 morons turned out for the Enough is Enough
protest. No indications how many were involved in counter protests, i’m sure we’ll find out later on.

UPDATE 2004/08/23: They lived up to the arsehat label.

Well what a bunch of pillocks. It sickens me to see so many brown faces in
the crowd. Decolonise yourselves you brainwashed bunch of arsehats.

Utter wankers!!

Whoever pushed over the headstones, and burnt the Jewish chapel in Makara
are complete and utter arsehats. Big cowardly arsehats at that. As are all
I tell you who is also an Arsehat, David Zwartz, who seems to be hellbent on
linking the descretation with the NZ Govts criticism of Israel. He’s doing
himself or the Jewish community no favours at all. Anyway who cant seperate
what a government does/say from what the people in the country say/do is an
arsehat. And anyone that takes offense at NZ criticising Israel for trying
to illegally obtain passports for two of its agents is a moron.

Quite funny.

I just saw this press release by the NZ Govt.

You’ve got it – we’ll confiscate it
Friday, 6 August 2004, 3:11 pm
Press Release: New Zealand Government

Now the press release is actually about P, and the hardline stance the Govt
are planning to take against it. It could apply equally to the Foreshore and
Seabed, or the history of NZ. Just struck me as funny thats all.

A Joint Arsehat award today.

  1. Haami Piripi –
    For making a stupid statement. Come on, I share the sentiments, but lets be
    a little bit smarter eh.
  2. Helen Clark –
    For not reading the legislation before mouthing off. In effect lying by
    In the Herald today Helen Clark is reported as saying this
    “Maori Language Commission chief executive Haami Piripi needs to decide
    whether he is a public servant or a political activist, says Prime Minister
    Helen Clark.”

    BZZZT wrong, he isn’t a public servant.
    The Maori Language Commission was established under the Maori Language Act
    1987, to promote the use of Te Reo, and as a start of the Crown trying to
    live up to its treaty promises. And now the interesting bit.
    No member of the Commission or employee “shall be deemed to be employed in the service of Her Majesty for
    the purposes of the State Sector Act 1988” (Schedule 2, s. 8.)
    That is, he isnt a public servant, in fact its agaisnt the law to deem him
    as one.
    Nice one Helen, how about you or one of advisors read the legislation your
    party put in place.

Full text of the
act here

So Mallard thinks Pakeha are indigenous to NZ does he?

I guess he’s going from the dictionary definition. Which is fine, as long as
he isn’t trying to imply that they still aren’t bound by the Treaty.
Personally when I think indigenous I think of the UN definition

“Indigenous communities, peoples and nations are those which, having a
historical continuity with pre-invasion and pre-colonial societies that
developed on their territories, consider themselves distinct from other
sectors of the societies now prevailing in those territories, or parts of

Which is what Maori are and will always be, and pakeha will never be in NZ.

Arsehats of the week!

Well its early in the week, but this technically happened last week, so
perhaps its arsehats of last week. And the prize goes to Air New Zealand.
For their ridiculous stance in not helping disabled people to and from their
seats on the aircraft.

New Zealand’s national carrier is the only airline to refuse to help the
disabled into their seats.

The full article at scoop