Only 1 arsehat today.

Ive decided that thinking about 10 exceedingly annoying people is just too
depressing. So Ive decided to just mention 1 arsehat.
So today we got a letter from the city council, for this years dog
registrations, .. $72 a pop. They’ll probably use the money to drug test
their staff, or put up cctv cameras and then not pay anyone to watch the
monitors .. but those are other issues.
My beef is that we also got a pamphlet explaining the new dog control Act.
This brings me to the point, todays arsehat is John Anderson, the lawyer
whose daughter was attacked by a dog. He then went on a crusade, descending
on parliament and showing pictures of his daughters injuries. Which in turn
led to the passing of a bunch of moronic laws.
I find it utterly reprhensible that 15,000 plus citizens can Hikoi to
parliament to protest the removal of a whole races rights to due process
under the law, and be ignored. And one rich lawyer can have this kind of an
His daughter got attacked by a dog, its owners were sentenced. Recently a
woman drove a car into a party, killing a party goer. This weekend someone
will undoubtedly crash their car, and kill themselves or others. Lets ban
cars and leave the dogs alone.

Arsehat list

1 Whoever rang 3 news to complain about the cars of people on the Hikoi not
being ticketed (new entry)
2 3 News (new entry)
3 Don Brash (-2)
4 Peter Dunne (-2)
5 Dail Jones (new entry)
6 John Tamihere (-3)
7 Frank Hayden (-3)
8 Helen Clark (+2)
9 Stephen Franks (-4)
10 Winston Peters (-4)


We have a new number 1, whoever the pillock or pillocks were who rang 3 news
to complain that cars werent being ticketed. What complete arsehats.

3 News jump straight to number 2, for giving that story more air time than
the actual Hikoi.

Dail Jones jumps in at number 5 with his stupid take the bus drivel. And
taxpayers pay him for this??

Helen Clark jumps 2 places to 8 today just basically for being such a
self-righteous cow.

Arsehat list

1 Don Brash (+1)
2 Peter Dunne (+4)
3 John Tamihere (-2)
4 Frank Hayden (-1)
5 Stephen Franks (-1)
6 Winston Peters (-1)
7 Gerry Brownlee (nc)
8 Mahara Okeroa (+2)
9 Rodney Hide (-1)
10 Helen Clark (-1)

Don Brash jumps to the number 1 Arsehat in the Country with his ridiculous
comment about bribing Maori to get Resouce consent.
“We already know from papers uncovered last year that some Maori approach
the RMA process with three simple rules: object, object and object again.

And we know form experience that there is usually a way around the
regulatory deadlock – it’s called koha.

We all better get used to that word, because we’ll all be using it a lot
more under this government.”

What a complete dickhead.

Peter Dunne leaps to number to with his moronic prattle about political

And Mahara Okeroa moves up to number 8, for his total disregard of his electorates feeings.

While we are gagging people.

We dont we gag Brownlee, and put him in a sack and beat him with sticks for
a few hours. It sure would make me feel better. I know I should just ignore
him, but I resent the fact that he has power of my life. And that he is either a
racist prick or an ignorant twat. Im not sure what is worse.

Here is the
latest piece of nonsense. The whole foreshore debacle is an attempt by the
Govt to stop Maori access to the court, and somehow this moron manages to
twist it.

Would someone just put a gag on this dickhead.

What does John Tamihere think gives him the mandate to say things like


I think someone needs to tell him how representative government is supposed
to work, you arent in parliament to vote with your party. You are there to
vote how your constituents want you to vote.
I’d have thought that even someone who is clearly lacking in their grip of
reality, as this guy is, would be able to comprehend that.