Road trip on Labour Weekend

This is what I’m doing this weekend. It should be a great event, and it will be great to catch up with people I haven’t seen in years.

I think its been 14 years since I first did some work on a multimedia presentation to help out with the research project. Its sad to read that there are only 16 C Company veterans left, but I’m glad that with the launch of this book, others will get to hear some of the stories Ive heard, that would have been lost.

I am so glad Hone Harawira is in Parliament

With the major parties happy to let the Australian Governments blatant human rights abuses pass with no comment. One of the few voices calling it like it is is Harawira.

“Hawawira [sic] said John Howard is “a racist bastard” trying to impose racist policies on a people who can’t fight back.”

You can see the full article on the tvnz site. Who may have fixed their spelling mistake by the time you look, but since its a Maori name they probably won’t have.

In response to the ludicrous Warrior gene claim

Scientists don’t discover ‘coloniser’ gene

The elusive coloniser gene, which makes Europeans prone to taking over other people’s land and resources hasn’t been discovered. “Nobody’s even looking for it, we’re really not interested,” says Igor Blimey of the Centre for Research on Non-Whites. The gene may explain why Europeans display a tendency to use extreme violence to control other countries. “It’s true that there must be some genetic disposition in Europeans toward imperialism – packing troops into leaky sailing ships and sending the half-way around the worlds to steal other people’s land doesn’t make much sense when you’ve got plenty land of your own. Scientifically speaking, White people are a bunch of dangerous maniacs,” says Blimey.Dick ‘Chalky’ Miller of the group Honkies for Shonky Deals says the gene is a great excuse. “We can’t help ourselves, theft and murder is just part of our biology and we want that recognised in law. “The group is demanding Maori return the axes and blankets colonisers handed over in return for land. Police advise anyone owning land to keep it out of sight when people of European ethnicity are around.

SNAP! Publishing: Scientists don’t discover “coloniser” gene

When you win the US Open you are a New Zealander, if you rob a bank you are a Maori

So Michael Campbell won the US Open golf tournament today. And he has been
reported as a great
New Zealander now. Of course if he had done something wrong instead, he
would then be reported to be Maori.
Not to diminish from what is undoubtedly a great achievement, but its just
funny that in the climate of Iwi vs Kiwi billboards, no one is trying to
make that distinction this time.

No you cant have the beaches, here have some cancer instead.

From the NZ herald today “The Cervical Cancer Audit released by the Ministry
of Health today said the programme was not reaching women and making sure
they were adequately screened.

It said Maori women were screened for cervical cancer less often than
non-Maori women and when abnormalities were found, they waited longer for
investigations such as biopsies.

Maori women were twice as likely to develop
cervical cancer and four times as likely to die from it than non-Maori
women, said auditor and Maori public health physician, Dr Sue Crengle.”.

Poxy little Islands in the Pacific

Well we are sure acting like it. Today was the third and final reading of
the Foreshore and Seabed legislation, amended after the select committee
process to put into Crown ownership of all the seabed and foreshore rich
pakeha dont already own.
So basic logic here “Logic 101 : Its THEFT mate” if the crown needed
legislation to get ownership, then it stands to reason they didnt legally
own it already. Under international law (and basic common sense) the
indigenous people must then have owned it. Therefore the crown has confiscated a
huge chunk of propery. This comes as no suprise, the crown has been doing
this for 164 years already.
Lots of NZers like to think we live in a clean green, progressive, liberal
place. Perhaps I should buy a pair of the rose tinted glasses they must be
wearing, cos frankly this place is turning into a craphole.