One of the best movie going experiences yet

If you ever get the chance to watch a movie when you are the youngest, by at least 20 years of anyone in the audience, take it. I saw Gran Torino today at the fabulous empire cinema with about 20 people, all of whom would be at least 55. There was none of the giggling and talking about what you are going to do after, no cell phones beeping, no people walking in and out to get more popcorn. Just people there to watch and enjoy every minute of the movie.

Oh and by the way the movie was damn good too.

Sanshiro Sugata

Akira Kurosawa’s directorial debut. This is a good film, it would have been much better without the edits the censors made to it back in the 1940’s. Unfortunately they cut a huge pile of film out of it, and it was lost in the post war confusion.
Its still worth a watch, in fact ive yet to watch a Kurosawa film that wasnt good.