Lazy Sunday

So I had a nice lazy day today, a great lunch, read a good book and watched a good movie.


So for lunch I had

  • Green enchiladas from Viva Mexico.
  • A chocolate Milkshake from the 80’s cafe
  • Steamed pudding and custard from Daisy’s Diner

All very good, and totally less than $14, gotta love food courts.

Dude where’s my country – Michael Moore

This is a funny but annoying read, annoying because everything it talks about is so bleedingly obvious and yet there are still people who believe the crap that their governments feed them.

Dave Chappelle’s Block party

A great watch, in 2004 Dave Chappelle threw a block party in Brooklyn, NYC and invited a bunch of random people to come watch. He got a great group of artists to perform. This is a little documentary about that Block party, its funny, insightful and at times inspiring. Well worth a watch.

Theres this one gang, that keeps wanting me to join because of my Bo Staff skills.

So it was an odd but yet productive weekend. Joshua, THD, and I managed to
do some interesting things with Koha.. well Joshua and THD did most of the
work, I cheered them along. I’ll do a bit of a post about what got done
later on, or you can read all about it in the mailing list archives.
Plus as you can probably tell by the tagline, I watched Napolean Dynamite
again. Oh and all the NZ teams won in the super 14.