Theres this one gang, that keeps wanting me to join because of my Bo Staff skills.

So it was an odd but yet productive weekend. Joshua, THD, and I managed to
do some interesting things with Koha.. well Joshua and THD did most of the
work, I cheered them along. I’ll do a bit of a post about what got done
later on, or you can read all about it in the mailing list archives.
Plus as you can probably tell by the tagline, I watched Napolean Dynamite
again. Oh and all the NZ teams won in the super 14.

Letters to Ali

I got this out to watch purely on a whim, and boy I’m glad I did. A
documentary following an Australian family’s journey of discovery about
their own country. As a mother learns about the detention centres in
Australia she becomes determined to do something to help the refugees
arbitrarily detained there. I wont say anything more as I dont want to ruin


We went to see this today, and whiles its depressing in a ‘everyone is an
intolerant prick’ kind of way. It also points out that even pricks can do
good things. Its also a well shot and written film. If you dont recognise a
part of youself in at least one of the characters, you arent human. Go see
it, laugh, cry, despair .. and think a bit about the direction this country
seems to be taking.

What the bleep do we know?

Don’t get put off by the reviews, who incidentally all seemed to like it but
seemed to be unable to describe it without using ‘New Age’. There are a few
things wrong with this movie, but for the most part its a pretty good
introduction to the questions that have been re-asked since the pursuit of
the discipline of quantum physics. One of the problems is that the people
involved seem to think they are new questions, and that they may have new
answers .. I believe that they have been asked and answered multiple times
before, but you’ll have to see the movie and judge for yourself.