Revenge of the Sith.

Its been said before, but please please please if there is a God don’t let George Lucas ever write any dialogue ever again. Seriously.
The effects were great, the soundtrack was excellent, the plot was iffy and the dialogue was positively awful. DragonballZ has better dialogue and most of that is just ‘heeaawrghh’ and ‘gnnnooargh’. Best of the three new movies, but could have been so much better

Supersize me, and Spellbound

These we 2 of the DVDs we got from fatso and they were both good in their own
Supersize Me, as you are probably all aware of, is the story of a guy who
decided to eat McDonalds for a month. It was entirely predictable, although
suprisingly not by his doctors. Good for a watch .. a little to michael
moore/self serving for my liking.

Spellbound is another look at American culture, focusing on 8 kids and their
journey to the National Spelling Bee. Its compelling watching, you feel sad
for some kids, laugh with others and bemoan the parents of most. Well worth
a look.