No Mans Land

My parents recommended this to me when we were fixing the fence that the
wind had trashed. Im glad I got it out, a great film that explores the
absurdities of modern day warfare. Set in the bosnian conflict it follows
the story of 3 soldiers trapped in no mans land, 2 bosnians and a serb. And
the completely ineffective and hamstrung UN. Depressing as are all films
exploring the depths of human stupidity, but a great film nonetheless.

So im done watching movies today, I now have some rugby games, a league
game, and a pile of Olympics to watch.

The Day after Tomorrow

Well its shite, shite with good special effects, but shite nonetheless.
I learnt two things, NZ will survive the next ice age, and we are a third
world country apparently.

The american’s illegally crossing into Mexico was kind of funny … but what
the hell was the wolf bit?? Sometimes you get the impression that script
writers have a mad idea at 3am .. and say “I know, this movie needs badly
computer generated wolves .. yeah, that’ll be wicked”. There’s a job vacancy
there, someone to just say “OI no, thats a ridiculous idea, go get some
sleep and try again tomorrow”