What a game!

Well, we lost but theres very little shame in that when you lose by 2 runs
and have scored 320. 642 runs a days cricket .. you can’t ask for much more
than that. And the atmosphere at the stadium was great. I’m off to the
cricket wilderness of Pittsburgh for a few weeks, so cricinfo.com will be my

World XI vs Australia

Yay its cricket season in the southern hemisphere. Tonight the World XI are
playing Australia in Melbourne, and Daniel Vettori has started the series
really well. He took 4-33 off his 10 overs when bowling, hopefully he will
do well with the bat as well. Currently the World XI arent chasing so well
at 61-3 … but they bat a long way down, so we’ll see.
There are 4 internationals in Wellington this summer, Australia ODI on the
7th of December, Sri Lanka ODI 6th of January, West Indies ODI on the 18th
and West Indies 17-21 March.
I plan to be at them all, barring the ODI on the 6th of January, wearing my
beige and singing stupid songs.

UPDATE 2005/10/05: Eeek

Its now 105-7. 149 to win off 121 balls, I cant see it happening

UPDATE 2005/10/06: Bah

Its now 118-8 … 142 off 102, but Daniel is batting now so Ill watch for a
bit longer.