When you win the US Open you are a New Zealander, if you rob a bank you are a Maori

So Michael Campbell won the US Open golf tournament today. And he has been
reported as a great
New Zealander now. Of course if he had done something wrong instead, he
would then be reported to be Maori.
Not to diminish from what is undoubtedly a great achievement, but its just
funny that in the climate of Iwi vs Kiwi billboards, no one is trying to
make that distinction this time.

Woo hoo

Bangladesh have beaten Australia in a One Day International, no I’m not
joking it really happened this weekend. I wonder how the Australia media are
going to spin this. They really don’t like it when their vaunted cricket
team loses, let alone to the lowest ranked team.

Lions vs Otago

This should be an interesting game, unfortunately it will be a night one
again. Im confident that on a dry fast track, most NPC sides in NZ would do
well against the Lions. Once it gets a bit wet and the ball gets slippery,
then the advantage shifts. Its a shame that the game is slowly being ruined
by the inevitable pandering to the TV networks. Day games are so much more
fun for the fans and the players.


Well that was just slaughter, we didn’t even come close to slightly
troubling the Australian Cricket team. And it can only get worse with the
tests coming up and us recruiting kindergarten kids to play, meanwhile
aussie has about a million reserve players.
I’m off down south on thursday to watch the first test with my Grandma,
should be good cricket even if we do get thrashed.

At least the ‘canes won

Well its been a fairly weak few days for NZ sport, we are now down 3-0 in
the ODI series against Australia. Only pride left to play for now. But at
least the Hurricanes held out against some fairly crap ref decisions to win
agains the Queensland reds. Lets hope they can keep it up for next week.

Quote of the game
Referee: I want to see positive play from your guys.
Tana Umaga: How about some positive refereeing then.