Arsehat list

1 Don Brash (+1)
2 Peter Dunne (+4)
3 John Tamihere (-2)
4 Frank Hayden (-1)
5 Stephen Franks (-1)
6 Winston Peters (-1)
7 Gerry Brownlee (nc)
8 Mahara Okeroa (+2)
9 Rodney Hide (-1)
10 Helen Clark (-1)

Don Brash jumps to the number 1 Arsehat in the Country with his ridiculous
comment about bribing Maori to get Resouce consent.
“We already know from papers uncovered last year that some Maori approach
the RMA process with three simple rules: object, object and object again.

And we know form experience that there is usually a way around the
regulatory deadlock – it’s called koha.

We all better get used to that word, because we’ll all be using it a lot
more under this government.”

What a complete dickhead.

Peter Dunne leaps to number to with his moronic prattle about political

And Mahara Okeroa moves up to number 8, for his total disregard of his electorates feeings.

The Barbed Coil – J V Jones

Ive just started reading this one, it’s pretty good so far, and should tide
me over until I can get to the library to try and find Explorer by CJ
Cherryh which is the next in the series ive been reading.

I enjoy J V Jones too, she writes in a style I like. I seem to be
reading quite a lot of fantasy and science fiction by female authors lately.