While we are gagging people.

We dont we gag Brownlee, and put him in a sack and beat him with sticks for
a few hours. It sure would make me feel better. I know I should just ignore
him, but I resent the fact that he has power of my life. And that he is either a
racist prick or an ignorant twat. Im not sure what is worse.

Here is the
latest piece of nonsense. The whole foreshore debacle is an attempt by the
Govt to stop Maori access to the court, and somehow this moron manages to
twist it.

Would someone just put a gag on this dickhead.

What does John Tamihere think gives him the mandate to say things like


I think someone needs to tell him how representative government is supposed
to work, you arent in parliament to vote with your party. You are there to
vote how your constituents want you to vote.
I’d have thought that even someone who is clearly lacking in their grip of
reality, as this guy is, would be able to comprehend that.