Some fun ideas

Ive been playing with a couple of neat little things. One of them is From the site:
“Indy is a music discovery program that learns what you like, and plays more of it. And it’s free.

Indy makes it easy for you to find great new independent music. Just download Indy and double-click: as it plays songs, you rate what you hear. Indy quickly learns what you like and gets really smart about sending you more music you’ll like. Let Indy help you find your place in the collective consciousness as you help other people find theirs.”

The other is Connectviabooks which is like an online book club.

Spokesman of crappy crap crap

So National in their infinitesimally small amount of wisdom have appointed a Spokesman of Political Correctness Eradication. If they werent such complete tools you would think it was a joke. Ah well, it might be mildly entertaining anyway, still im pretty annoyed a portion of my taxes (albeit tiny) is going towards paying the salaries of these retards.