Catalyst and BibLibre combine to allow me more time to work on Koha release management

You can read the full release on the BibLibre blog, or in pdf form. But the summary is, BibLibre are funding an additional 60 hours a month on top of what Catalyst already fund, for me to spend time on release management duties.

While this is a very cool thing, what I think is even cooler is that these types of collaboration are not at all uncommon in the Koha community. BibLibre and Bywater Solutions partnered to fund the work of the documentation manager for a while. Catalyst and Katipo have collaborated on a few projects, most notably the most recent Koha upgrade for Horowhenua Library Trust. Calyx and Catalyst have a very healthy working arrangement where we provide complementary strengths, and the list goes on.

ByWater Solutions and BibLibre partner in US

Some great news today, that ByWater Solutions and BibLibre have partnered to offer services to Libraries in the US. BibLibre is a long time member of the Koha community with a long track record of full, open and honest participation. I have known Paul for over 9 years now, and the other owners of BibLibre for nearly that long also. Not only have they grown into respected and trusted members of the Koha community, I am proud to call them my friends too.

ByWater, while a relative newcomer, includes within its ranks Nicole Engard, Koha documentation manager and champion of openness and freedom. Added to that, ByWater has already proven to be an asset to the community with Brendan and Nate active in all spheres of Koha development.

I am confident this partnership can only bring good things for Koha, and offer my congratulations to BibLibre and ByWater solutions.

BibLibre installs Koha for free at a Training Centre

From this post and from talking to one of the guys from BibLibre, I gather that BibLibre have installed Koha for free at a training centre.

So this centre can now offer Koha training to it’s members. Koha will now serve as a framework for training librarians. Previously tools to train them, especially in cataloguing were lacking but since Koha supports the UNIMARC standard it allows librarians to train using real UNIMARC records and to learn practical hands on skills.

As far as I can tell from my limited french and the help of google translate, BibLibre will be maintaining the installation at no cost as well.

A great idea, and kudos to BibLibre for doing this.