Good things about the Bus Ride

One of my colleagues did a good post on bus etiquette and subsequently ended up on TV talking about it.
While everything he said was true, I actually usually quite enjoy my bus ride to and from work so I thought I’d do a little post about the things that make the ride fun.

  • Saying good morning to the people at the bus stop
  • Betting with the school kids whether the 722 school bus will get there before the number 4, I’m currently 15-2
  • Having a chat with one of the Buddhist monks on the way to work.
  • Looking over and noticing the person next to you is listening to the exact same song as you. (Ok this has only ever happened once, it was cool though)
  • Hitting shuffle and getting 11 awesome songs in a row (that’s pretty much the duration of the whole trip)

Things that amuse me

You have to take pleasure in the small things that make life enjoyable. Some of the things that make me chuckle is my user I have been using to test Koha 3.0.  Mr Stinky P Clown … he gets debarred from the library quite regularly.

Another source of small pleasure is the myriad of ways people say thanks to the driver as they get off at their stops. Today we had

  • Cheers
  • Thanks mate
  • Ta
  • Chur bro
  • Kia ora (me)
  • And my personal favourite “Love your work”