Summary of the Catalyst Academy Koha group – 2014

This year we had 8 students working on the Koha project as part of the Catalyst Open Source Academy. They all were very productive as the statistics below show.

The number of patches pushed  (and the percentage of the ones pushed that week)

Francesca Moore 2 1.4%
Roman Amor 2 1.4%
alex_h 2 1.4%
daniel 1 0.7%
Aleisha Amohia 1 0.7%
Emma Heath 1 0.7%
Tom Houlker 1 0.7%
merllissia 1 0.7%


Developers with the most changed lines
Tom Houlker 245 4.2%
 Roman Amor 36 0.6%
Aleisha Amohia 23 0.4%
Francesca Moore 10 0.2%
alex_h 6 0.1%
merllissia 3 0.1%
Emma Heath 3 0.1%
daniel 2 0.0%

 Patches contributed

Catalyst Open Source Academy : 11 (7.9%)

Lines changed

Catalyst Open Source Academy : 328 (5.7%)


Catalyst Open Source Academy   11 (3.4%)

Catalyst and BibLibre combine to allow me more time to work on Koha release management

You can read the full release on the BibLibre blog, or in pdf form. But the summary is, BibLibre are funding an additional 60 hours a month on top of what Catalyst already fund, for me to spend time on release management duties.

While this is a very cool thing, what I think is even cooler is that these types of collaboration are not at all uncommon in the Koha community. BibLibre and Bywater Solutions partnered to fund the work of the documentation manager for a while. Catalyst and Katipo have collaborated on a few projects, most notably the most recent Koha upgrade for Horowhenua Library Trust. Calyx and Catalyst have a very healthy working arrangement where we provide complementary strengths, and the list goes on.