Do some signoffs, you know you want to!

Something the Koha project does not suffer from, is lack of features and bug fixes being submitted. Where we do have a bit of a bottleneck is getting those features/fixes their first signoff.

To that end, Biblibre has done some great work with sandboxes to allow people to sign off without needing to have a full Koha development install.

Something I have been working on, and is ready for alpha launch, is a dashboard for the project. What we have come up with is which hopefully will help encourage people, and make it easy to see where a good place to help is.

The thing with Koha, is it’s for everyone, and everyone has a role to play in making it better, it’s most definitely not like the old way of building and ILS. The more you put in the more you get out, get involved, own your own software.