Busy Saturday

Yesterday was a pretty full on day, it started with the Island Bay market day, which was pretty small but neat anyway. Laurel found a fellow refugee from the US selling funnel cakes, and I found a fantastic jar of zucchini pickle.

Next on the agenda was the Greek Food Festival down in the overseas terminal. It was all a bit crowded and almost impossible to navigate with the push chair, but I did manage to buy some fantastic Calamari.

Then it was off to Te Papa for the 10th birthday celebrations. We missed the giant lamington cutting, but saw a awesome steam powered street organ, some Cook Island drummers, and the NZSO playing with Mere Boynton, Whirimako Black, Debra Wai Kapohe and Derek hill. Once again so many people but pretty cool.

Kahurangi’s favourite part of the day, was the big spinning marble ball in the foyer of Te Papa


He was smacking at it so fast my cheap cellphone camera couldn’t focus fast enough.


The day ended with the Island Bay Parade, which was even shorter than usual this year. My highlight was the mermaids riding bicycles

A fun Waitangi Day

We had a good day today. We went down to Waitangi park to partake in the fun community activities. Kahurangi loved the tap dancing, and tried his best to dance along with them. I was utterly stoked as there was a stall selling creamed Paua, which is pretty much the best food in the world.  Later in the evening we had a lovely dinner with Matt and Meredith, while mr destructo tried to break their house and vomit chips on Matt’s foot.All in all a great day.