Who has two thumbs and a perspective on LIANZA 15?

I thought I may as well jot down my thoughts about this years LIANZA conference, as everyone else was. Peer pressure, I succumb to it. But I figure as a ‘vendor’ (not your typical vendor, but one nonetheless *) my perspective might be a little bit different.

First off, the exhibition hall was great, it was spacious, things were laid out well, the food and drink were good.

But it was slow, perhaps the slowest LIANZA I can remember, thankfully it was slow for everyone not just our stand. I think this was due to the fact the conference was totally packed with things to do, there was barely a spare minute in it. Plus, if I was you, and the sun came out, I’d go out on the waterfront too.  Having said that, it was still most definitely worth being there, the people who wanted to come talk to us, found us and did. We also caught up with a lot of our existing clients, and made a few leads for new ones. You kinda just have to be there, so that when you respond to an RFP people have heard of you.

From what I could tell from the tweet stream and from Liz reported back, the majority of the sessions were fantastic. They keynotes all seemed to hit it out of the park, (Gotta admit, I did like that one of the Keynotes was from one of the earliest public libraries to use Koha in the USA, and Koha got a shout out in another one).  There were a few recurring themes, one of them was a push towards one ‘library’ for all NZ. Which I think is a great idea, as long as it is flexible enough to accommodate the vast differences in the sector, and it is run on non-proprietary software of course.

The conference dinner was fun again, I think we might have been one of the few to go for 70s glam, vs 1920s glam as our costumes. I am still finding glitter.

The photo booth was a great idea too

And the hallway track and pub track were also awesome, I made a lot of new friends and reaffirmed some bonds with others. All in all, a great conference.

* We give away a library management system, no license fees for the win.