Koha user group day 2012

On Friday the 15th of May a large group of current and prospective Koha users got together a the NZ Treasury for the second ever NZ Koha users group meeting. So first off I’d like to thank Treasury for making the space available and Hannah and her helpers for organising and running the day so smoothly.

I think there were 60+ people there, from about 25 different organisations all with differing levels of knowledge about Koha. Despite the varying levels I think the programme shaped itself (it was run mostly as an unconference) into something that worked for everyone there.  One of the highlights for me was that during the question and answer sessions, a lot of questions were being answered by other Koha users.

The show and tell section went well too, with NZICA, LGNZ, and The family violence clearinghouse all showing off what they have done with their Koha. I got a kick out of seeing the LGNZ one, as it was something I had worked on in 2003/4, it was great to see it still in use.

I got the opportunity to try out my Kohacon presentation on a real live audience and I think I didn’t even bore them too much.

The day ended with drinks and nibbles, sponsored by Catalyst IT, and lots of great chatting. I always say the talking between conference sessions is the best part of any conference and I think it was the same again.

This week I get to follow up on all the emails I said I would send, and hopefully watch a lot of nz libraries become more and more active in the Koha community. Thank you to everyone who attended for making it a great day.

NZ Koha users group meeting

Today I had the great fortune of attending the first New Zealand Koha users group meeting, in the birthplace of Koha, Horowhenua. There were 51 attendees and even road closures and snow didn’t stop people attending. There was a really good mix of Library types, I think 18 from Publics, 18 from specials, and the rest schools, corporate and academic.

It was run as unconference so the first task of the day was to decide what would be talked about the rest of the day. The programme that we came up with was

  • The community – How to get involved and make the most
  • Installation/Migration/Training and Why should we use Koha
  • Features – what’s there, and what would we like added
  • Serials, Acquisitions, Cataloguing
  • Managing digital resources
  • Consortia
And one other I have forgotten, hopefully someone will leave me a comment with what it was. The discussions went really, with lots of participation. It definitely won’t be the last meeting, I think we are leaning towards 2 a year but that’s something that will be decided on the mailing lists.
While we were busy plotting plans to take over the world, (or at least New Zealand) Koha 3.4.3 was released.