Using Piwik for website traffic analysis with Koha

As Ed from ByWater Solutions has mentioned you can use Google analytics for website traffic analysis, but if you want to use a Free Software project instead to do your analysis, you can use Piwik.

I won’t go into all the reasons why I think you should use Piwik over Google Analytics, that would be a whole blog post in itself. But if you care about privacy, freedoms, and allowing your users to opt out of being tracked, Piwik is the thing for you.

So there are a few options, the best is probably to download and install Piwik on a server you own/control and then set up a website to track (your koha). However if you are unable to do that. I have set up on my server that runs the and dashboard.koha-community. So you could drop me an email and I will set add you as a user and add your website to it.

For both methods you then need to follow the following instructions

  1. In Piwik find the tracking code 
  2. Copy and Paste the code into the opaccredits in systempreferences (make sure you get the script tags too)
  3. That’s it

It really is that simple. Now I can’t promise my dinky little server can handle every Koha site using it for analytics, but if it does prove popular we could move it to a bigger machine, however running your own is really the best way.