Te Rōpū Whakahau Hui-ā-tau 2012

I was very privileged to attend the 20th Birthday Hui-ā-tau of Te Rōpū Whakahau last week at Waipapa marae in Tamaki Makaurau. It was a fantastic few days, and did wonders recharging my batteries. All the talks were great, and at least as importantly the conversations, between and after the talks were also excellent.

I think my talk went ok, and I got some nice positive feedback. I’m just glad I managed to do something that people found useful.

As you would expect at a gathering of Māori library and information workers, there were a lot of questions about Koha and the TM situation. I was happy to be able to report the lawyers had the situation under control and we were all looking forward to a positive outcome. I can’t imagine that the company who shall remain nameless will ever be doing business with any library that has any Māori influence on it.

Apart from the kōrero, there was amazing whanaungatanga and amazing kai. I would thoroughly recommend anyone Māori involved in libraries or information management join Te Rōpū Whakahau and get along to the Hui-ā-tau next year in Whakatane, I’m hooked that’s for sure.


Speaking at SLIS meeting

So on the 28th of July (2 days after the NZ Koha users group meeting). I will be presenting at the Wellington SLIS group meeting.

SLIS provides a forum for networking and exchange of professional information for those with an interest in Special Libraries in the Wellington Region. We aim to hold up to 11 open meetings each year, and to facilitate professional development of members through special events as appropriate

I’m going to be speaking about the similarities between the consensus building approach to making decisions as seen in Marae based Hui, and participating in a  Free Software project. I think it should be pretty interesting, of course I’m biased 🙂

  • Date: Thursday 28th of July 2011
  • Time: 12.30-1.30pm
  • Venue: The Treasury, 1 The Terrace. When you arrive, take the elevator and report to Reception on Level 5
  • Cost: $5 for SLIS members, $8 for non-members

This session will be filmed and made available for non-Wellington based members.

People do need to RSVP, so if you want to do so, leave a comment and Ill get you the email address to RSVP to.