Finally that’s over – PTFS/Liblime Trademark on Koha not registered

As most of you are aware on Wednesday we found out that the Trademark application had been rejected. Which is a massive relief for all involved in the Koha project. To quote myself:


“While it hasn’t slowed down the progress of Koha, it has been a dark shadow hanging over us for nearly four years,” he said.

“I would like to thank everyone involved in helping us, the many people who donated money, Buddle Findlay for representing the trust, my employer Catalyst, and AJ Pietras and Co who provided legal support, as well as the many thousands of people who sent well-wishes.”

Here is a list of the publicity around this decision.

Please let me know if you spot any more

Some libraries to thank

In the course of looking through the PTFS public repository with an eye to integrating the code into koha, I thought it would be nice to pull out a list of the libraries who had sponsored the code.

Apologies to anyone I have missed, and corrections accepted.

  • East Brunswick Public Library, East Brunswick, NJ, USA
  • Middletown Township Public Library, Middletown, NJ, USA
  • Plano Independent School district
  • George Washington’s Estate and Gardens (Mount Vernon) Library and Gunston Hall Library & Archives, Virginia.
  • Arcadia University.

So a big thanks to all these libraries.

Code hits the wild

PTFS have just made a lot of previously unreleased code available in their public repository

This includes the just released ‘Harley’ branch. It’s great to see the code seeing the light of day, and now the release management team will have the fun job of integrating it for 3.4.0.  🙂

Congratulations to the people at PTFS who worked hard to get this code written  and released, and I’m sure there will be many an hour spent discussing how best to integrate it into mainstream now.

I have cloned the harley branch and pushed to both my home and work repositories.


Thanks to the awesome Galen Charlton (current Koha release manager) we now have a wiki page tracking integration of the code into mainstream.


Some great clarification on Koha releases.

PTFS acquires Liblime

Some big news in the Koha world today, as well as the fantastic news that Biblibre and Bywater are partnering to offer services in the US comes the news that PTFS have acquired Liblime.

Over the last year PTFS has grown into a participating and valued member of the Koha community. Its developers are active on irc, the mailing lists, and the koha wiki. Patches are regularly sent from PTFS for bugfixes and new features. The fact that PTFS is an active member of the community leads me to treat the news of its acquisition of Liblime with great optimism.

I am hopeful that this will mean that previously unreleased code will be released and that the community can work together advancing Koha for the benefit of all. This quote from the press release

PTFS has supported ILS solutions for 15 years and is committed to resolving community differences and advancing Koha open source library technology

leads me to believe that PTFS understand that the way forward is to be part of the community, with all the benefits that brings.

Congratulations to PTFS and I look forward to it’s continued and increasing participation in the growth of Koha.