Only a month to go

The due date is June 6, and going on our experience with Kahurangi that means anytime from now.  We still don’t know if a boy or a girl will be arriving, we have one more scan but have decided if we haven’t known this long we might as well wait.

This time around Laurel has her bag packed already and a birth plan written out, so there should be less of me running around like a mentalhead throwing random things into a bag.

Wellington Hospital has a bunch of brand new birthing suites, well a few months old now, which is good because they will have discovered and fixed all the little glitches (just like a software project) that crept in during the build.

Its Official, Number 2 is on the way

We went in for Laurel’s 12 week scan this week, and everything is all good. So by June Kahurangi should have a brother or a sister.

We don’t have a working name for this one yet, I suggested Sharpie Pen, since Kahu was Crayon. But Laurel was having none of it, leave any suggestions in the comments.